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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(up to March 20)

  1. 1.  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD,Harper Lee*****Chris gave me a beautifully bound hardback copy of this for Christmas, one of my all time favorites,can't count the numberof times I've read it over the years.
  2. THE MAP OF TIME,Felix J Palma***Another gift from Chris, interesting twist on time travel.
  3. THE EYE OF THE DRAGON,Stephen King*****A chance conversation with a friend at work reminded me of this old favorite,downloaded it that same night and re-read it.
  4. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS,John Green ****loved this.
  5. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS,Sara Gruen***1/2Good story, beautiful writing.
  6. SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES,Ray Bradbury***My friend Trey lent me this one, one of his favorites, very dark.
  7.  THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY, Oscar Wilde***another loan from from Trey, good story.
  8. SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5, Kurt Vonnegut*****This was wonderful, I don't know why I've never read it before, Trey brought it to me, he's on a mission to get me to read all of his favorites.
  9. SLAPSTICK,Kurt Vonnegut****Thought provoking and sad, another of Trey's loans.
  10. NO EXIT, Jean-Paul Sartre***Collection of plays,not my favorite thing to read,but interesting and dark, loaned from my young friend at work,Trey
  11. FARENHEIT 451,Ray Bradbury ***Another favorite of Trey's
  12. READY PLAYER ONE,Ernest Cline*****Loved this so much, it really appealed to me, the eighties references were so much fun.
  13. THE ART OF RACING THE RAIN,Garth Stein***good story,told from the dog's point of view.
  14. THE PLAGIARIST,Hugh Howey****A Kindle short from one of my favorite new authors.
  15. THE DRY GRASS OF AUGUST,Anne Jean Mayhew***From Sandy's Kindle, loved this, good story.
  16. MIDDLESEX, Jeffrey Eugenides****Sandy recommended this, loved it.
  17. EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE, Jonathan Safran Fuer****Very moving, from Sandy's Kindle
  18. ON THE ISLAND,Tracey Gaius- Graves One from Sandy's Kindle, good light reading.
  19. THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, Kenneth Grahame ****Old favorite from childhood, good re-read.
  20. SHADOWS IN FLIGHT, Orson Scott Card****Newest book in the Ender/Bean Series, Loved it, loan from Chris.
  21. THE WOLF GIFT,Anne RIce**Loan from Trey, not one of her best.
  22. ANGEL TIME, Anne Rice**Another loan from Trey, had a hard time getting through it.


  1. Very impressive list. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is a family favorite. I remember Daddy reading it and I couldn't wait until he finished it so I could read it. I think I was 12.Have re-read it many times since then. Your list makes me want to go back and re-read Vonnegut. Be sure to read NOBODY'S FOOL by Richard Russo on my Kindle. He's a favorite author of mine.

    Your Trey has an interesting array of authors. Hope he will blog here too. I can't wait to see Chris's list.

    1. I'll start reading the Richard Russo book next, am reading some books Chris brought home last weekend now. Looking forward to his list too! I love all the pictures you have on the blog, they are great.

  2. The Eye of the Dragon is probably my all-time favorite Stephen King book. The hard copy Mom got me for Christmas one year was among the many many victims of the infamous 2010 Postal Service mishap.

    1. Kevin, I love that book too. What are you reading now? Poe is buying Uncle David's house that was Gamama and PopPop's! Josh will live in Troy through the week and with Poe on weekends and school breaks. They are going to try to fix it up and have a garden! Come home we all miss you so much. Meghan will be coming home from Thailand in May .

    2. Hey Kev, I lost my copy too, so bought one for my Kindle. I have an idea that all my hardback King's can probably be found in Chris's apartment! We need to work on replacing all the books you lost in the mail. I know you don't have much time to read, but hope you will participate here along with us.